Photography had always played an important role in my life. Starting in high school a close friend of mine at the time was modeling on the side and found myself taking pictures of her for fun. Eventually this hobby turned into a self-propelled dream to be able to make it a career.

I am most influenced by fantasy books and stories. I enjoy trying to bring storybook ideas to life. I feel that you are never too old to enjoy the magic of a child-like imagination. You never truly grow out of it. I would hope that my photography will take you places you've never been before and continue to use your imagination. Dreams are, after all, what gives us hope and happiness that our futures will be bright. Continue to dream will all your heart.

I have graduated from Brooks Institute with a BFA in Professional Photography with an emphasis in fashion and beauty work. I have extensive knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite programs with an associates degree in graphic design and liberal arts. 

I am continuing to strive to experiment and grow my photographic endeavors as well as promoting my business across the globe. I would describe my photographic style to be more of a romantic and dreamy style, and continue to develop a style all my own.