• Does your makeup pack a PUNCH?


    Have you wondered if the new Urban Decay ELECTRIC palette really lives up to it's name?

    First let's address what you might be thinking right now. Why is a photographer, of all people, reviewing this palette? Fantastic question. I happened to be the one who did the makeup for this particular shoot (see image above)! So I was able to see first hand how it applies to the face when under a strobe lighting. Most of you will be wearing this outdoors (so I decided to apply little swatches to my forearm in the sun to show you all). If you haven't gotten this palette yet and are currently reading this blog, you might be still debating on purchasing it right? No fear! I will show you exactly how it applies and give you some detail on the strength of the color and what are the best ways to get the most out of this palette!




    What I noticed right away was that the color wasn't super strong when applied to a bare arm. The color was very soft and would need multiple coats to even come close the the below image (unless you wanted a softer look!). Primer isn't cheap, though you only need to apply a dab to your eyes to make more of a statement with these pigments (it will last longer than you think). Why would you want to pack on the color (and waste this beautiful palette) when it would be easier to just apply a little primer and save more color! It's a subtle difference, but when primer is applied first, the color was is lot stronger!

    *WARNING ON BACK OF BOX*: Slowburn, Savage, Jilted and Urban are not intended for use around the immediate eye area. This means 4 of the 10 eye-shadows are marked as not safe for eyes. Although they are marked safe in European countries. I think they made this disclaimer just to let everyone know they had not tested those particular colors on the eyes. I think they wanted the palette to have multiple uses, not just for shadows.

    Try this look the next time you use this palette! If you do, please tag me on Instagram! #amandawphotography


    Here's an image I took using the pigments Thrash, Slowburn, and Gonzo. I then lined the bottom of her eyes using Milani Cosmetics 05 Aquatic Style, Shadow Eyez 12 HR wear pencil ( This makes her eyes sparkle a little more and collectively bring the colors together.

    Overall I am very satisfied with the Electric Pressed Pigment Palette (a little pricey, about $49.00 but well worth the color). Keep a look out for Sephora's coupons, I got mine 15% off using a coupon from an email I had received. I see myself using this on future shoots as well as on myself! Grab yours at Sephora or online at

    Have you done any makeup looks using Urban Decay's Electric Palette? I would love to hear your thoughts and how you used it!